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Global target of the 20th World Congress


History of the SIS

The SIS was founded in 1976 in Strasbourg (France). Today SIS is a worldwide unique federation of breast societies, scientific societies, associations and groups with a priority mission: to improve breast health. The SIS-International School of Senology promotes educational activities in collaboration with about 100 affiliated institutions. Further, SIS has implemented an accreditation program for breast centres giving an international accreditation. The SIS World Congress highlights every two years the progress of scientific knowledge in the domain of breast health.


Global target of the 20th World Congress (language: English and French with simultaneous translation)

The 20th World Congress of Senologic International Society on Healthcare will re-evaluate where we stand now on the way to a Global Breast Care Alliance and envision what future research still has to achieve. Leading specialists from around the world, united by a passion to improve the quality of life of those battling with breast cancer and breast related diseases, will engage in hot topics, controversial issues, a patient centred session and future horizons. The scientific sessions focus on epidemiology, prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatment, breast diseases centres certification and breast cancer advocacy. A special focus will concern big data, artificial intelligence and connected devices.


Date and place of the 20th World Congress of Senologic International Society on Healthcare

6 and 7th of  December 2018

Palais de la Musique et des Congrès (P.M.C.) Place de Bordeaux, 67082 Strasbourg FRANCE

+33 3 88 37 67 67




-Presidents : Prof Vahit OZMEN : vahitozmen@yahoo.com.tr

                   Prof Carole MATHELIN : carole.mathelin.x@gmail.com


Unité de sénologie, HOPITAL DE HAUTEPIERRE, Avenue Molière, 67098 STRASBOURG Cedex. France

Tél : + 33 ou 35 ; Fax : + 33


                        Gérard HRODEJ : gerard.hrodej.x@gmail.com

                        Sandrine Kandel : Sandrine.Kandel@chru-strasbourg.fr


Registration done by our CPO: COLLOQUIUM: 2-8 Rue Gaston Rebuffat, 75019 Paris http://www.colloquium-group.com/ Price for 2 days: 220 Euros 


SIS foreign Speakers arrangements for travelling / hotels / restaurant and Public session done by: Cellule Congrès de l’Université de Strasbourg ( They will contact concerned people )


Program: 8 scientific sessions and a public conference

Translation English/French during the conferences of 6 and 7 December 2018 
Patients Conference of December 5 in the evening in French.

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