Case Report


  • Mehmet Ali Yagcı
  • Atakan Sezer
  • Eyüp Yeldan
  • Zeki Hoşcoşkun
  • Ahmet Hatipoğlu
  • Şemşi Altaner
  • İrfan Çiçin

Received Date: 04.09.2009 Accepted Date: 07.06.2010 Eur J Breast Health 2011;7(2):140-142

Secretory breast carcinoma is a rare type of invasive breast cancer. The tumor was first reported in pediatric patients, but actual incidence among pediatric and adult decades is similar. We present the case of a 50-year-old woman with a secretory breast carcinoma treated by breast conserving surgery and sentinel node dissection followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The patient has meanwhile completed 3 years of follow-up with no evidence of recurrence. Secretory breast carcinoma usually has a low progression rate, and the prognosis is usually favorable. The choice of treatment should be patient based and minimal invasive procedures consist of breast conserving surgeries and sentinel node biopsies should be favoured. Systemic treatment and radiotherapy are points still awaiting for further investigation.

Keywords: breast cancer, secretory carcinoma, surgery